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Smart String Practice

Flower Garden - Progression Game

Flower Garden - Progression Game

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How to Play:

Cut out all the tiles of the game and set them out for the student to see.

Select a practice spot. 

Divide the piece into several sections or as many as are in the game 

Play the 1st section, followed by a pause, until all bowing, rhythms, and intonation are proficient. This might take as little as 5 repetitions or it might take more. Have the same process with the next, then pause. Play the 2nd section, then pause. Then play the 1st section, then pause, 2nd section, then pause. Then repeat until all sections have been played.

Lastly, play all sections together without pausing in between.

The goal is to become more familiar with the segments of a piece, to play each segment clean, and to smoothly transition from each segment to the next.

If you practice correctly, you will memorize as you go!

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