Tuition and Subscription Policy


It is the parent’s responsibility to see that the student practices the instrument and listens to the Suzuki recording daily. I reserve the right to shorten any lesson if the student is unprepared. 

The level of the student determines the length of lessons. I prefer…

*30 minute lessons for beginner through book 2 students

*45 minute lessons for book 3 students

*one hour lessons for students in book 4 and above

Other than beginners, students should practice at least the length of their lesson.

I reserve the right to cancel lessons with any student if they are not practicing consistently or attending lessons on a regular basis.

If you cannot commit to 5 days of practice each week, I would encourage you to find a different teacher. 


Part of the Suzuki Method is to have group lessons. This is a way the students will learn how to play together as an ensemble. Your child will have the opportunity to attend group activities where they will have interaction with other students at their same level. Group Lessons and activities are NOT optional. If for whatever reason you are consistently unable to attend, you will not be able to perform with the groups for concerts.  


Please arrive at least 15 minutes early to all recitals and performances to allow enough time to get tuned and warmed up.For group performances, the uniform can be found on the website.  

For recitals where students will play solos and duets, please wear Sunday best. 


The study of music is most satisfying when it is a part of everyday life. When music making becomes as normal and usual as playing with friends, telling a story, or sharing a meal, then we are able to enjoy it to the fullest.

The teaching of music is most effective when it is continuous, not erratic. My commitment to you and your children is long term. It is to work with you to develop each child’s musical ability. This means more than simply being there at lessons. It means planning for, caring about, and supporting your child at lessons, in practice, over the phone or internet, at concerts and recitals, communicating with our Suzuki Association of the Americas, and keeping up with our International Suzuki Organization.

It also involves planning and providing extracurricular musical events such as workshops and festivals. Along with these musical opportunities, comes obtaining contacts and locations and accompanists for concerts, and preparing music, both for solo and ensemble use. As a teacher, I need to participate in educational seminars. Anyone who works with children and/or in a service related field can understand how much love, effort and time goes into this endeavor! There are many expenses involved in running an educational program: studio materials, musical equipment, equipment maintenance, keeping a library, copying, traveling, etc.

As a violinist in my studio, each month you will receive a minimum of 3 lessons (which may include group lessons and performances). If I am not able to give 3 lessons for the month, I will adjust the tuition accordingly. Tuition does not include Federation Fees, Yearly SAU Dues, accompanist fees for solo recitals, or tuition to the Intermountain Suzuki String Institute. 

Tuition fees reflect your involvement in a quality on-going educational program. Therefore, your lesson cost is not a per lesson figure, but rather a program tuition.


You can start your subscription at any time and subsequent payments will be withdrawn the first of every month.

If you need to stop or pause lessons, you must notify me by text or email 14 days in advance of your next billing period. Payments incurred without notification of stopping or pausing lessons will not be refunded as your lesson spot will still be on my schedule.

Your tuition covers private lessons and the associated performance classes. Solo recitals most often require an accompanist. You are responsible to schedule rehearsals with them and pay them directly. I will have a list of approved accompanists in the studio.


Each family is required to have an SAU (Suzuki Association of Utah) membership. Dues are collected here, and I will handle the registration. If you have another Suzuki student with another teacher, you will only need one membership. For Sep 2023 through Aug 2024, membership dues are $35 per family. This includes Regional Activities, Parent-Teacher Convention (January), Graduation Concert (February), and more.


The National Federation of Music Clubs has an annual event in February/March where students can be awarded points and recognition for their performance. For interested students, I will help them prepare for success at Federation as a part of my lesson plan.


Tuition covers your time spot in my weekly lesson schedule. If a student misses a lesson, due to illness, vacation, or any other circumstance, it will not be made up or refunded.


Please contact me if you need to cancel monthly lessons. No refunds will be given for tuition already paid for.