Linda FioreSuzuki Teacher Trainer

“I LOVE this!! It is such an essential guide for parents and students who want a clear understanding of their commencement into the musical violin world.”

Mimi ZweigProfessor of Music, Jacobs School of Music

"Practice Guide Violin Book 1  presents helpful information for teachers, parents, and students. It offers a comprehensive and logical approach to the crucially important beginning stages of violin playing."

Crystal BoyackWee Violin, Creator

“Your work with the Practice Partner’s Guide for Suzuki Book 1 is lovely! I can see it being very helpful to the parents of my students who are trying to make sense of this new string instrument and all the pieces in Book 1. It really builds a bridge between what the parents’ knowledge of music is, what the instrument is, and translates that to the Suzuki book. Well done!”

Ramona StirlingSuzuki Institute Director

"This book will be an invaluable tool for the parent of a beginning student. It includes a great number of motivational practicing ideas. For the parent who has not studied music it will unlock the language of music for them."

Sydnee MadsenParent

"Wow! This is so amazing! I literally had no idea about the pieces being in certain keys…can you believe that?!? I learned SO much reading this. I especially loved the first few pages explaining the care of the violin and intonation, etc."

Kourtnee FerenceFormer Suzuki Student

“I wish I had this book when I was learning to play the violin! Smart String Practice simplifies learning with a user friendly guide for parents and students. I think of it as my ‘violin for dummies’ cheat sheet.”

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